Publishing The Diary of Doctors When They Were At The Central Area Of Epidemic

    25 May, 2021

    The book’s full title is Để yên cho bác sĩ “hiền” – Nhật ký Covid và những chuyện chưa kể, including four chapters: Introduction, First Covid Year, Peaceful Month, Second Covid Year. The introduction reviews essential information about nCoV, the origin of the epidemic, how it works, infects, and the main timelines in the two years of the epidemic. In addition, he also recalled historical lessons from other pandemics that humanity has faced.

    Cuốn sách Để yên cho bác sĩ hiền - Nhật ký Covid và những chuyện chưa kể. Ảnh: Nhã Nam.

    Doctor Ngo Duc Hung’s book records many stories in the central area of the epidemic.

    The book “Để yên cho bác sĩ “hiền” – Nhật ký Covid và những chuyện chưa kể”. Photo: Nha Nam. The first chapter, First year of Covid, vividly recreates the early days of the outbreak in Vietnam, the “panic, accusations, discrimination” of netizens, the first time of social distancing.

    The author also mentioned doctors’ difficulty when fighting the epidemic and stabilizing the people’s thoughts. “Do not turn people into the victim of malicious rumors and vague fears. The medical profession must not be left alone in this battle,” he wrote. The author also describes the months of isolation at Bach Mai hospital.

    The Peaceful Days section is about the new normal, worries about outbreaks. The book is written from a realistic perspective, without tragedy, with a humorous, poignant voice. Doctor Ngo Duc Hung’s diary helps readers have a correct view of the epidemic, and at the same time, feel about humanity under challenging times. Through books, he conveys an optimistic spirit and a positive outlook on the country’s future and humanity.

    The book’s cover is drawn by artist Nguyen Thanh Phong (author of the comic book The Festering Head Killer), featuring a crane, symbolizing faith and hope.

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