Lack Of Nutrition In Pregnancy

    17 May, 2021

    For pregnant women, there are three primary nutritional needs: energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients. In particular, energy and macronutrients (including starch, protein, and fat) are mainly provided through food and milk, while micronutrients need to be supplied more through supplements.


    Nowadays, many women only increase the amount of food consumed during pregnancy. As a result, some substances are added too much, while others are lacking. According to a study in 2017-2018 in three big cities, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Hai Phong, more than 50% of Vietnamese pregnant women do not meet the recommended nutritional needs. Accordingly, the daily nutrient intake of pregnant women in Vietnam is low.

    Due to this reason, Pregnavie Complete has been studied to meet nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization). Including two exceptional trios:

    1. Folic acid – Iron – Calcium: Is an extremely important basic trio, providing foundational nutrition throughout pregnancy, helping to prevent congenital disabilities.
    2. Lutein – DHA – Vitamin E: Promotes the development of the brain, nurturing golden wisdom for children.
      Lutein and vitamin E are the structure of the cerebral cortex (involved in visual, auditory, memory, and language processing) and prevent DHA from being oxidized, helping to increase the connection between nerve cells, compared with only using DHA supplementation.
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