Discover the life of a medical student: Besides surgery, there are many interesting things to do on duty at the morgue.

    25 May, 2021

    Being a medical student means you have to work harder and put in more effort than you have ever tried before. There are too many rumors and stories that have become classics of medical students. Still, the truth is that the path to becoming a doctor is also full of interesting and meaningful things, to become a person who brings peace and happiness to others. Here are five things everyone needs to know to understand a medical practitioner better, and future doctors should learn to motivate and encourage themselves.


    1. Everything you learn will apply for the rest of your life

    This seems pretty usual, but it means a lot. Many majors seem only to serve how you pass the exam but Medicine is different. Everything you study is directly related to human health and life, and you have to apply it in your life, your lifelong career. This is such a great motivation for you to study hard the most critical knowledge and explore much more in reality.

    As a doctor, a small detail can save a patient’s life. Therefore, studying Medicine is not only for yourself but for others.


    2. Studying Medicine means facing countless difficulties

    Studying Medicine means that you are expected much more than others and lectures and practical exercises will always surround you. You must be present for all classes, read all the materials, do all the essays and research, and be well-prepared for the practice sessions. The workload also changes from week to week and increases as you study further, so you need to be flexible and well-managed with your time.

    The pressure to pass the exams is tremendous. With other subjects, you need to try to get the best score possible. With Medicine, it’s different. It would be best if you crossed a certain threshold to continue further research on the path to becoming a doctor. Medical school exams will almost certainly require a considerable investment of time and effort, and sometimes you won’t even have vacations.

    3. But it’s not always difficult

    But don’t worry because you still have enough time to experience an entire student life like everyone else, even it will be the best time of your life. You can fully participate in cultural activities, sports, join teams, groups, and social activities. The key to doing all of this is that you need to properly arrange your time, be highly focused in times of need, and not waste time on useless things.


    4. Being a medical student doesn’t mean everything you learn is related to Medicine

    In addition to professional academic knowledge, skills are also essential to become a good doctor. Joining a music program and standing in front of a crowd will be beneficial when you need to present a study in front of colleagues or experts. Besides professional study time, what you do in your free time is not only just for fun and entertainment, it will help your future a lot.

    Similarly, joining a football team or sports club may seem unrelated, but they help you develop necessary social skills. Medicine is a profession that requires interacting and communicating, but you cannot achieve those things inside the lab or the ultrasound room. You need to go out, participate in social activities to accumulate practical knowledge and soft skills.

    5. Anatomy research isn’t always in the morgue

    For medical students, you will have to stay in the morgue and “anatomize” directly on a deceased person’s body for a long time. Some people seem quite excited about these practical experiences, while others are panicking, not daring to look or hold the cutlery and cut and operate. Fortunately, some schools have included pre-prepared anatomy lessons. Students will review and analyze the model without necessarily using their hands directly to dissect the human body, which is not simple for those with strong nerves.

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