MD. Ly Hoang Tri – Specialist Level I is an outstanding expert in anesthesia, epidural anesthesia and peripheral nerve anesthesia under ultrasound guidance with over 10 years of experience. SPC I. Ly Hoang Tri assure maximize your comfort and safety during a surgical procedure in Obstetrics, Andrology and Cosmetic surgery.

Achieved Studies:

  • 2019: Certificate of specialist level I – the University of Medicine and Pharmacy HCMC
  • Graduate Doctor at Tay Nguyen University
  • Certification:

  • Certificate of Internist – Anesthesiology Resuscitation
  • Certificate of epidural anesthesia, peripheral nerve anesthesia under ultrasound guidance, Hospital for Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • Certificate of Advanced Pediatrics Anesthetics, Children Hospital I
  • Experience:

  • Currently: Working officially at the Anesthetics Department, Gia Khang International Hospital
  • More than 10 years experience in Anesthetics Resuscitation