Obstetricians reveal interesting things at work.

    25 May, 2021

    Over 13 years in the profession, Dr. Cuong also met many memorable births. There was a case that a pregnant woman refused to let a doctor see, even if the obstetrician is a male doctor or a female doctor, the head of the department. The doctor wanted to examine the woman, but the woman struggled again and complained of pain. When the uterus was fully opened, the mother refused to push the baby out. She just lay down and cried


    The pregnant woman also did not cooperate with anesthesia, anesthesia for cesarean section. Doctors then transferred her to the operating room, but they could not operate because the baby had passed through the pelvis. At this time, the medical team had to anesthetize her. It was challenging to bring the baby out safely. If they did not handle it quickly and decisively, the baby would suffocate. Fortunately, everything went smoothly after that.

    Wearing a blouse is only thinking about work.

    While many fathers often burst with happiness when they see their children born, Dr. Cuong does not have that luck. He admitted that he was inert when delivering his wife’s birth and picking up the baby without any special emotions.

    Dr. Cuong laughed and said: “Because I see babies being born so often, it’s like a regular job. Therefore, I don’t have any feelings. Unless there are complex cases to handle, I have an inner joy in my heart, like in the old days when I went to school, I solved a difficult math problem that no one in the class could solve.


    When I delivered my baby, I felt normal. People said that witnessing the baby being born makes them happy. And I’m also delighted, but it’s not like people often describe.”

    At the age of 37, Dr. Cuong has a younger look. Especially he is warm-hearted and friendly. Being questioned, have patients ever complimented your appearance? Dr. Cuong confided that, in fact, he also found himself younger than some of his friends of the same age, perhaps because he did not drink and worked hard on exercise and sports.

    Later, there were many pregnant women, and they said that when they first met him, they thought: “The doctor is so young, I doubt his skill a little bit.” But during the examination, the pregnant women felt reassured through the advice of Dr. Cuong, no longer worrying about his ability. He always wants to use his constantly cultivated expertise to treat his patients and find solutions for them. To Dr. Cuong, there is nothing as important as “A doctor with a heart”.

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